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Angular file upload Demo

Visit angular-file-upload on github

How to upload:

The second option could be used to upload files to CouchDB, imgur, etc... for HTML5 FileReader browsers.

Provide S3 upload parameters. Click here for detailed documentation

If you don't have your policy and signature you can use this tool to generate them by providing these two fields and clicking on sign

http method: post put
Upload right away
Make server return error code: message:

myModel: model object to be sent with the file.
choose a single file:
or multiple files:      
or only images:      
You can have any element as an upload button:
Click here to select file

or drop files
HTML5 Drop File is not supported on this browser



{{($index + 1) + '.'}}
{{}} - size: {{f.size}}B - type: {{f.type}}
Server Response:
Last update: 2014-09-23